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Personal budgets

A personal budget can be requested when an education health and care (EHC) plan is being prepared or reviewed.

Exactly what a personal budget can and can't be used for depends on personal circumstances, so the information that can be provided here may leave some of your questions unanswered. Ultimately very detailed questions can only be answered as the EHC plan is being put together.

This information attached to this page tells you about different types of personal budget so you can start thinking about whether a personal budget may be right for you. The information covers:

  • definitions and eligibility criteria
  • how the amount of a personal budget will be agreed
  • how personal budgets can be managed
  • the process for requesting and agreeing personal budgets
  • links to further information and examples of how people have used personal budgets.

An e-learning information course for parents and carers (opens in a new window) is available for anyone wanting to know more about personal budgets and personalisation.